Sukesh Jothikumar

PowerPoint VBA

I am Bhavesh Shaha, a 12th grade student from Pondicherry, India. Some of my first memories are of me typing away in a MS-DOS Computer. I have been using Microsoft PowerPoint for the past 10 years of my life.

I started professionally programming since 2016. I have been involved in hundreds of teaching modules for instructors and educators.

I started Visual Basic Applications in 2017 and started experimenting and sharing my knowledge by uploading tutorials on YouTube. I started uploading videos in YouTube from 2013, I was focused on development of Adobe Flash Games (current Adobe Animate) and I was fascinated by the GUI and ActionScript 2.0 Coding Langauge.

Now, I am a part-time freelancer for PowerPoint VBA. I take on personalised projects and make Interactive PowerPoint Games and Templates. My website has multiple modules which can get you started on PowerPoint VBA Development and I highly recommend you checking it out!

I can assure you that I can take your Presentations to the next level and add lot of features to your valuable content.